The Fish Whisperer Guide Service, located in Baldwin Michigan and local to the famous Pere Marquette River, is one of Michigan’s PREMIER guide services.  Tommy Lynch, owner, with over 20 years of guiding experience, and almost 30 years of Fly Fishing under is belt, has stayed well ahead of the pack by becoming an innovator and not a follower all while being a great instructor which really is the backbone of being an Elite Fly Fishing Guide in Northern Michigan, or anywhere for that matter; ones ability to instruct and teach what they know of good fly fishing practice, not just being able to catch fish or be a good angler!

Whether you’re interested in Stripping or Swinging Streamers for Browns & Steelhead, tightening your Indicator/Nymphing Skills for Trout or Steelhead, or even pulling “Creature-Like” patterns through and on the water for Larger Browns that go “Gulp” in the night…  Tommy has taken it to the next level and can keep you into the fish while keeping you out of any traffic which becomes harder and harder as Northern Michigan’s Fly Fishing Opportunities become more and more evident.

Specializing on The Pere Marquette River, as it is his stomping grounds, he also frequents the Ausable River, Manistee River, White River, and even the Muskegon River if duty calls.  While the “Trophy Waters” of the Ausable are tough to beat for Big Browns, places like the Upper Manistee can “Mouse Fish” well… And though Tommy knows the Pere Marquette like the back of his hand, Swing Fishing for Steelhead and Stripping Streamers for cycling Brown Trout on the Muskegon River and White Rivers might be other places you will find him per client and fish persuasion.  Licensed, Permitted, Insured, and CPR certified… Tommy has all the right access for all the right water and will get you on the fish while you’re learning or improving your Fly Fishing techniques in different corridors and watersheds with his arsenal of different watercraft.

Tommy is a Fly Fishing Instructor as much or more then he is a guide every time he gets into the boat; you will not meet another guide that wants you to become a better caster more than Tommy.  CHUCK & DUCK is a technique Tommy DOES NOT TEACH ADULTS; as it isn’t a Fly Fishing Technique as much as it is a Spin or Pin Technique performed with a fly rod.  As a guide it is easy to put such a rig in a client’s hand and just let you start lobbing away with little to zero instruction, but as a Fly Fishing Guide he wouldn’t be doing his job if he did.  Casting, Mending, Line Control, all while using a Tapered Fly Line are all components of Fly Fishing, and Tommy can help you use, improve, and distinguish the lot of them.  For little ones and little ladies Tommy has been know to rig one up to add potential where there sometimes isn’t, but if your old enough to drive a car, Tommy prefers to teach people how to Fly Fish instead of “Bump” fish!

Dropping line off the back of a boat, lobbing guts, gear, or lead, (with or without a float), are all great techniques that catch a great amount of fish; these are also techniques you WILL NOT see Tommy using or teaching.  Fly Fishing is what Tommy is good at, and especially guiding and teaching it, as the Pere Marquette River encourages good casting, and takes flies from those that don’t!  Nobody Fly Fishes to catch more fish… If catching fish was priority, we would all just go and buy a Spin or Pin Rod & Reel and just chuck and lob a variety of guts, gear, worms, minnows… etc. into the water because they cater to three more senses then a Fly Fisherman can, that being only the visual persuasion.  Sometimes one has to ask his or herself what they want from each angling experience in order to know which way to go to get there…

What do you look for when you fish???  Do you look for a bunch of fish within your sport, or a bunch of sport within your fish???  Tommy appreciates the later, as do most Fly Fishermen:  Applying a plan of attack, tying a fly on, (one that you may have tied), wading into the river, setting up on your target water, making the right cast with a perfect presentation and making that fish bow to your will within a drift or two, and then the Take & Battle… Tommy’s soul couldn’t afford any other way!! The more fish you catch one way, the more watered down such an event is, and the less technique you put into each and every cast, is more or less paid back with less and less luster per fish caught or battled.  Truth is, Tommy like most Fly Fishermen, can have a much better day catching nothing and improving or perfecting their casts then most can lobbing a bobber or drifting a worm and catching a bunch… That said, it’s a very Blue Moon when Tommy’s not catching fish!!

The Fish Whisperer Guide Service prides itself on being an instructor first, and a guide second… Sometimes you don’t need a fly fishing guide as much as you need an casting instructor, and the measure of a good fly fishing guide isn’t the one who puts you on the most fish with the least technique, (THAT IS WAY TOO EASY AND LACKS SPORT); it’s the guide who gives you a ton of technique so you can catch that ONE fish that means so much more than the lot of them.  It’s not always about the destination; the REAL sport within this grand sport of fly fishing can be found in the journey not the end result…  For Tommy that has always been clear!

Check out the “Tips & Tricks” page for new videos and set-ups!!!

The Fish Whisperer Guide Service
Tommy Lynch, aka “The Fish Whisperer”, Northern Michigan Flies Only  Fishing Guide 
22+ Year Guide Veteran       Licensed & Insured       Federal & State Permitted       CPR Certified       Casting & Tying Instructor       Speaker

Summer Day & Night Brown Trout

Fly Fishing Opportunities 

1... Dry Fly Fishing Hatches & Terrestrials

Beginner to Advanced Approach for Surface fishing brown trout on The Pere Marquette River.  Hex or Gray Drake fishing is very strong during the late spring and early summer, and gives way to sporadic hatches and good terrestrial fishing from spider, ants, hoppers...etc  Great time to learn how to cast a fly rod!

2... Indicator Nymphing & Soft Hackle Swing

Beginner approaches to fly fishing where presentation and critical casting isn’t required to catch fish.  While watching an indicator/bobber, it becomes visual and involved for the little ones and little ladies getting into fly fishing that don’t need to catch “THE BIG ONE”, so much as spend a relaxed day on the water just fishing!

3... After Hours Night Pushing & Mouse Fishing

Novice To Advanced Techniques for LARGE resident browns that choose to feed under the cover of darkness.  Throwing rodent to frog patterns in the dark with glo in the dark fly lines yields the best brown trout fishing this region has to offer hands down, and you will NOT meet a guide with more nocturnal experience!

4... Sink-Tip Streamer Stripping For Trout

Novice to Advanced Casting Techniques for medium to larger sized browns across the state based on water levels and temperatures.  While the Pere Marquette yields great numbers of fish, other watersheds hold the promise of A DONKEY!  Fishing medium to larger bugs, this technique gives up larger fish YEAR ROUND!

Angler Of The Month
Dominic Sergi 
Dominic and his crew have been coming up for years and years, including his father and his business associates for over 20 years with The Fish Whisperer Guide Service.. And though primarily fishing the peak seasons of spring and fall, Dominic has started to respect spawning fish and fallen off the numbers/snagging train and onto a more of and angling perspective.  Not having fished with a fly in several months, but fishing more each year he is into it, Dominic battled this slob for several minutes before talking it into the net, but not before it showed us the backing a couple of times in early April waters here on The Pere Marquette River.  This year not giving up too many dandies, it was nice to see a good one find its way home to the net, and after fishing Dominic for so many years now, it was impressive to see, even after the longer intermission of angling in between, that his skills were up to par in getting a fish like this in instead of watching it take the flies back to Lake MI.  Dominic is becoming an angler, instead of an impaler!
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